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John Lewis Album

by gary_reid on 28 Nov ’11


Yes, you did read that correctly. John Lewis are set to assault the album charts this Christmas with the release a collection of songs used in their  last few TV adverts -


Interestingly, the album is called ‘ Reworked’  which is hardly surprising as it features cover versions of hit songs. It got me thinking about whether the use of music in their ads was the single the most successful thing about their strategy and whether it just evolved or
was a deliberate move ?


The honest answer is I don’t know, but knowing how the ad industry works I suspect that once the first ad proved a hit, they decided to stick with a winning formula. I certainly think they earned more kudos by using relatively unknown artists to record the tracks as it made the songs more the brand’s own, rather than just borrowed interest. Shame they didn’t go the whole hog and use completely original material though.

Whilst we’re on the subject of originality, fancy a game of Musical Spot the Difference ?
Take a look at this link  -–did-copy-TV-hit.html - to compare an earlier John Lewis commercial with a successful Italian lingerie ad made 3 years earlier.

Hmmm… maybe there really are no new ideas left in the world!


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