How are brands and bands interacting commercially

The future of the record industry is uncertain at best, here we discuss and pass on suggestions how bands and brands are working together to create interdependant working relationships to resurrect both industries.

Time for a holiday ?

30 April 2012
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A new commercial for Thomson Holidays hit our screens over the festive season. Like most holiday companies, Thomson think that the moment we’ve polished off the turkey sandwiches our thoughts turn to going somewhere exotic. For the vast majority of the UK they’re probably right, but will this ad convince them to book their big [...]

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Sheer Madness

5 April 2012
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In the weird and wacky world of advertising, it staggers me how many ideas that look good on paper become fatally flawed in execution. The current campaign for lager brand Kronenbourg 1664 is a case in point. It’s classic advertising by numbers. Think of a tagline that captures the brief – in this case ‘slow [...]

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Live and Unsigned

29 November 2011
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I wasn’t aware of this, and I must be one of the few people in the country that wasn’t as this attracts 40,000 participants!!  It looks like a kind of X-factor for the ‘real’ acts so what does that say about us or them???                     [...]

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O2 December Sessions

29 November 2011
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I read today that O2 are putting on 100 shows throughout December to promote unsigned acts!! On the face of it this is fantastic news and worthy of a mention. There are five acts playing a night in the Piazza which itself has a capacity of over 4000 people with a possible thoroughfare of 15,000 - a once [...]

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John Lewis Album

28 November 2011
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  Yes, you did read that correctly. John Lewis are set to assault the album charts this Christmas with the release a collection of songs used in their  last few TV adverts –   Interestingly, the album is called ‘ Reworked’  which is hardly surprising as it features cover versions of hit songs. It [...]

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