…but not necessarily in that order


People spend far more on music than they do on sex or prescription drugs every year. So if you’re a brand that’s looking to shift products off the shelf it’s a sure-fire way to make a real connection with your target audience.

We can help you put your brand on the map or build on its existing fame by bringing you the kind of kudos money can’t buy – along with a constant stream of all important content to keep your customers engaged.

We are constantly looking at new, breaking bands and musicians. By segmenting these fans and matching them and their audience to your core brand and audience we can create the perfect partnership between band and brand. We then initiate and develop partnerships where you finance some of the chosen bands costs through your normal marketing channels in return for full use of their work and songs for all your marketing needs – TV, viral video, live appearances, free downloads for customers, PR, VIP access, video product placement etc. Essentially delivering to you branded content that is real!

We help you:

  • Build real brand loyalty.
  • Increase share of this fickle consumer market sector.
  • Build authentic stories for your brand, using emerging artists with new material. Removing the risk of negative associations that current artists or tracks could present.
  • Get unlimited access to a band and their music within the agreed period to use for any of your marketing campaigns.
  • Engage with Generation Y’ers (16-30), soon to outnumber the baby boomers and the future audience for all brands.
  • Develop part of your CSR story and help keep the British music industry alive!

Contentertainment it’s the new Rock and Roll.