Resurrecting the music industry


The music industry is on its last legs. Whilst modern technology has given serious musicians the opportunity to air their work to a wider audience, it has also created a vast explosion of mediocre wannabies that makes it more difficult than ever for the cream to rise to the top.

With 95% of current artists never recouping their royalty advances and record labels investing less and less in new talent, and the news that catalogue sales have outstripped those of new releases in the US for the first time ever, where will the next Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis or Coldplay come from ?

That’s where Bands and Brands comes in. We scour the country looking for the best breaking music talent that has a natural fit with established or up and coming brands, then create partnerships that benefits both – with the brand financing some of the costs through their natural marketing spend and giving the band access to a much larger fan base, in return for exclusives on the band’s time, creativity, content and music.

Forming a relationship with a brand from the start avoids any accusations of selling out – like those thrown at The Smiths recently- because fans will see the band keep their own identity and grow with the brand’s support often in the background. They will also have access to content that would never be created if it hadn’t been for the connection between the two.

Long live the music industry !


If  you’re ready to be famous and have established the beginning of your fan base (offline and online – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) then we should know about you. If we haven’t, feel free to drop your music in our Soundcloud Dropbox at the side of this page and we’ll get back to you.