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November 2011

Live and Unsigned

29 November 2011
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I wasn’t aware of this, and I must be one of the few people in the country that wasn’t as this attracts 40,000 participants!!  It looks like a kind of X-factor for the ‘real’ acts so what does that say about us or them???  

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O2 December Sessions

29 November 2011
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I read today that O2 are putting on 100 shows throughout December to promote unsigned acts!! On the face of it this is fantastic news and worthy of a mention. There are five acts playing a night in the Piazza which itself has a capacity of over 4000 people with a possible thoroughfare of 15,000 - a once [...]

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John Lewis Album

28 November 2011
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  Yes, you did read that correctly. John Lewis are set to assault the album charts this Christmas with the release a collection of songs used in their  last few TV adverts –   Interestingly, the album is called ‘ Reworked’  which is hardly surprising as it features cover versions of hit songs. It [...]

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